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Synoptic Deterministic ICON Maps

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Wind850 + Gust
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East Asia
Model Data: ICON-Global-Deterministic (13km, 120L)
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00/12UTC runs update around 09:10/21:10UTC

Global model level forecast data is being downloaded from DWD's Open Data Server, interpolated to a 0.25° latlon grid and isentropic surfaces 300-350K and then from there potential vorticity, divergent wind and PV-advection by the divergent wind is being calculated. The integrated vapor transport and the vertical mean vertical velocity are being calculated on the original triangular grid without horizontal interpolation. These variables together with common synoptic single level variables are being plotted and made available here. The timesteps are every 3h from 0-72h and every 6h from 72-180h.

The current script chain setup is not totally stable yet and it might occur that the page doesn't update a run.

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