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Deterministic Forecast Maps of African Easterly Waves

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Shaded Contours: 6h-Mean Precipitation Rate in mm/hr,   Black Streamlines: Wind at 700hPa,   Red Lines: Identified Wave Troughs
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Updates all models around 9:15/21:15UTC
The wave troughs are identified similar to Belanger, J.I., Jelinek, M.T. and Curry, J.A. (2016), A climatology of easterly waves in the tropical Western Hemisphere. Geoscience Data Journal 3: 40–49 (
A climatology of curvature vorticity at 700hPa was derived from ERA-5 data and interpolated to 1.0° resolution. The model data for the 700hPa wind field was coarsened to 1.0° resolution but the 6h-mean precipitation rate was plotted at 0.25° resolution. Source code for the identification and tracking is available here.

The implementation of the wave trough identification and scripting for the maps production was done by Christoph Fischer. The forecast data download, page design and navigation logic was done by Marco Wurth.
The work was supported by the DFG Transregio Waves to Weather: