Bezeichnung der OE/DE


2021-06-04 (mwur) Ensemble Boxplot Meteograms:

  • Added new portrait smartphone layout
  • Changed variable names to long versions

2021-05-31 (mwur) Ensemble Boxplot Meteograms:

  • Added new city: Rottenburg am Neckar
  • Added grid point information plots

2021-05-29 (mwur) Top Menu Bar:

  • Fixed hover area which prevented navigation with the cursor into the flyout menu area

2021-05-29 (mwur) Maps and Boxplot Meteograms:

  • Fixed links to the Vue.js front-end framework

2021-05-15 (mwur) Ensemble Boxplot Meteograms:

  • Optimized the Layout of the Boxplot Meteograms, now works without absolute pixel units -> more robust with different window resolutions
  • Added access to 19 more European cities
  • Changed the black city buttons to a dropdown select element, grouped by W2W/Non-W2W cities
  • Added four variables: Temp@850hPa, Integrated Water Vapour, ML-CAPE, 0-6km Shear

2021-05-14 (mwur) Startpage:

  • Integrated the redesigned startpage, is now completely in English with the future option to double all or some pages in German
  • Screen resolutions over 1080p not well supported yet, robust smartphone view in portrait mode as well missing

2021-04-16 (mwur) Global Deterministic Maps:

  • Fixed download link, added update times

2021-03-25 (mwur) Global Deterministic Maps:

  • Fixed bug in map generation of 24h-prec and 1h-wind gust maps that was caused by double-used temp files